AAP is a team of criminals escaped from Tihar jail

One thing all the critics of AAP knowingly ignore is that, they are a bunch of enthusiasts (not hardened politicians) who want to clean the Indian politics and bureaucracy. They do not have any experience in running the current system of Indian bureaucracy, which is deeply penetrated and bound by the strong roots of corruption. In 2 months or even 2 years, we cannot expect to see a dramatic change in this current system. It will take considerable time to change the very mindset which will oppose the change.

When we go through all the critics, one may feel that AAP is a team of criminals escaped from Tihar jail, even though the reality is other way round.

By gaining enough experience by tackling the problems in their own way, they will emerge as experts in clean politics and governance.

They are not seasoned politicians to display the tactics that will please everybody from the day one.

They will commit mistakes, and will learn from those mistakes, but not like criminal politicians who will purposefully commit crimes and conceal them for ever.

Even before APP, we have clean politicians, but they always opt to be passive in front of present state of corruption (eg: Left parties). The AAP is active against corruption, and that is what giving us a little hope.